The Big-Boned Boy

From birth, when his doctor affectionately called him “big-boned”, Marty’s battle with the bulge officially began. As a “chunky” kid, Marty enjoyed playing sports and being an all around class clown. Marty heard his fair share of ridicule about his weight growing up. Like a rain cloud that followed him around, his weight problem plagued his confidence and self worth. He eventually adopted a “If you cant beat it… Celebrate it!” mentality regarding his weight. As a defense mechanism Marty “celebrated” his obesity and bought into the belief that he was supposed to be fat. By high school his weight impacted his love of sports and he quit playing sports due to his weight, but his “class clown” persona took him right into theatre arts. Owning his big guy identity to its fullest, Marty drove around with IM FAT license plates and was known by his peers as the “goofy fat guy.” By the end of High School he was the lead in several plays and heading to college to be a high school teacher.

I Want A Girlfriend

In college, Marty decided his weight was out of control and it would be nice to get some attention from the opposite sex,
so he decided to take a crack at losing weight. From his freshman year to his junior year he lost 95lbs, was getting attention from the
ladies and still rocking the IM FAT license plates. Marty’s plan worked, he got a girlfriend! However, he abandoned his healthy habits
and started packing on the pounds once again.

The Wolff Tax

In 2003, Marty started his professional career as a high school teacher in Kansas City, Missouri. Well into the 300s again, his weight was growing more and more out of control as he put all his heart and soul into making a difference for his students. His sense of humor and chubby guy identity was at its all time peak. He had a rule in his classroom that if you ate food in his class you would have to pay the “Wolff Tax” and give him 1/2 of the food the students brought in class. His students enjoyed playing their part in adding to Mr. Wolff’s waistline. Until one day he told them he was going to audition for The Biggest Loser!

The Biggest Loser

On Martin Luther King day in 2006 Marty decided to stand in line and audition for the reality television series the biggest loser. Within a couple of months Marty found himself in Los Angeles as a cast member of the third season of the biggest loser. With a desire to “do it the right way” Marty soaked in all the lessons learned on the biggest loser. To his surprise, he sparked up a close relationship with one of his cast members Amy Hildreth (who he went on to marry in 2008). Through the physical and mental challenges of the show, he knew he wanted to take the knowledge he learned and share it with others who struggled with their weight. Marty lost 146 Lbs on the biggest loser and to this day says the biggest loser “gave him back his life.”

To Make the Biggest Difference!

After his experience on the weight loss reality show marty and his wife Amy traveled across the us on a speaking tour. They spoke to hospitals, colleges, schools, health clubs and many companies. They were on many radio shows nationwide and were featured on the Today Show, Fox and Friends, Oprah as well as people magazine. These experiences led marty to believe that helping people through their weight loss journey was the way to make his mark on the world.

All Journeys Begin At Square One

After losing 146 pounds on The Biggest Loser and traveling the country with his wife, Marty started group fitness training in Omaha, Nebraska. Initially, he found himself frustrated because many of his clients, yes, shared a passion for fitness, but did not share in the struggles of emotional and binge eating like Marty. He realized that many of the people who were interested in a “Biggest Loser” style workout… were not people of size. in 2009, Marty began marketing exclusively to the obese and never looked back. He found that people of size are vastly underrepresented in the fitness industry. In 2012, Marty opened a health club in Omaha, Nebraska, called SQUARE ONE. SQUARE ONE is a club exclusively for People of Size. SQUARE ONE is like a traditional health club with two exceptions; 1- Everyone is obese… When they start. 2- The nucleus of the club is a sit down behavior modification program that challenges the participants to reexamine their relationship with food and adhere to habits they have been fighting all their lives. SQUARE ONE is now 5 years old , has had national and international attention brought its way and has opened up many opportunities to partner with local companies and hospitals. In fact, SQUARE ONE is a bit of a hidden gem in the fitness industry as it bucks the trends of many traditional fitness concepts.

1- Its main population, the obese, struggle with commitment to their health, yet the rate of engagement At SQUARE ONE is significantly above industry standards.
2- Its a destination club! Clients drive miles and miles to attend SQUARE ONE and belong to a movement of likeminded people. We have had clients drive up to an hour and fifteen minutes (each direction) to belong to the club!
3- The People! Its community support is like no other club!

Marty was selected to speak as a keynote at the Club Industry Show in Chicago in 2015. He discussed the untapped potential that people of size bring to the Fitness Industry… If we (the fitness industry) have the compassion and take the time to learn their needs.

Marty’s Passions


Marty is married to his beautiful wife Amy, who he met on The Biggest Loser. Ironically, the are both from the Omaha, Nebraska area, yet never knew each other until their reality show experience. They married in 2008 which drew attention from national magazines being labeled one of “The Best Reality Hookups Ever.” Marty jokes, that it has been more than a hook-up! The couple, who live in Omaha, Nebraska have two boys; Blaine and James (Jimmy!). At home, he enjoys watching Netflix series with his wife and doing home projects.

Speaking and Podcasting

One of Marty’s absolute favorite things to do is construct a message for an audience! Marty has a vast array of speaking experiences:
TedX Talk
Talk Shows
-Colleges, High Schools and Elementary
Marty has a podcast called “Chubby Talk”! He explains the title in the first episode! He uses this platform to hi light the amazing stories about health and life he is privy to on a daily basis working with overweight individuals. He interviews people on a weight loss journey as well as health professionals. The podcast is a peek behind the curtain of the mind of Marty! Which he says is, “Scary! Approach with caution.”