Biggest Loser Connection

[wds id=”1″]Amy and Marty Wolff appeared as contestants on Season 3 of The Biggest Loser, where they lost a combined 252 pounds and sparked a friendship that eventually turned into a family.

Driven by the need to help others find their way on their own weight loss journey while continuing to keep themselves motivated, they became certified personal trainers and started teaching boot camps and corporate wellness programs locally in the Omaha area in 2007.

Hundreds of clients and thousands of pounds later, Square One was born. It is the product of the teachings from The Biggest Loser, tried-and-true methods with overweight clients over the past nine years, and a community centric approach to weight management.

Without the support of a like-minded community, Marty and Amy would never have seen the success that they did on The Biggest Loser. They bring this approach to Square One as the first health club specifically designed just for People of Size.