Speaking isn’t a hobby for Marty, it’s his ultimate thrill. His personal objective is to move the audience to change! He is thought- provoking, engaging, funny and loves the challenge of winning over an audience.

As Marty Wolff’s coach for TEDx Omaha 2016, I had the opportunity to work closely with him and am better for the experience. He was a dream speaker – intelligent, funny, and most importantly, willing to step outside his comfort zone. 

The result was a powerful presentation, pointing the finger at a society that worries about political correctness regarding everything but a person’s size. 

Through a remarkably personal telling of his own story – the names he was called, the isolation he experienced, the suicide of his brother and so much more – he touched both the hearts and minds of his audience. His fearless honesty bespoke his passion and his pain. His is a voice that must be heard. 

-Rita Paskowitz, Professional Storyteller and Coach


Upbeat is his style! Marty often takes on challenging and serious topics, but he has a talent for injecting humor into his message. He describes himself as, “a class clown trapped inside an adults body.” During your average speech with Marty you will truly go on a broad scope of emotions, but there will always be laughing.


Marty has spoken to audiences throughout the country about wellness, the obesity epidemic, his food addiction, and creating healthy habits as well as many non-health related topics. He has challenged and entertained audiences nationally in many different forms: Talk Shows, Radio, Podcasts, Expos, Weddings, Funerals and various kinds of Keynotes all over the country. Marty’s background as a teacher gives him the experience needed to be comfortable in front of a wide variety of live audiences, from the staff at Johns Hopkins Healthcare to a class of second graders just starting to learn about wellness and fitness.


Marty doesn’t do “canned” speeches. He challenges himself to challenge the audience. He loves to research and learn about his audience, and enjoys the thrill of sculpting a message they can relate to. All of Marty’s speeches are different. They may be on similar topics, but he never uses the same path to get there. Due to this, Marty’s speech preparation is unique to him and often involves much collaboration with his client – a process he enjoys!

The Chubby Whisperer?

In most, if not all of his talks there is a common theme… Weight! It is his lifelong struggle, his identity and the way he has related to the world his whole life. Marty has a way with making his struggles with weight relatable to people of all sizes, colors and backgrounds. However, when speaking to other overweight individuals, the bond is often undeniable. Marty is often chosen to run weight loss programs and deliver speeches to medical programs and doctors because of his ability to relate and bond with his overweight clientele. Marty also has a podcast called Chubby Talk, where he explains this point of view and why more people of size need to add to the conversation of wellness.

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